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Come Join The Circus #onthelawn

Watch Sarah and Kyla fly through the air with stunning flows and jaw dropping drops. Nomans is proud to host this exciting event on our lawn this Sunday, August 11th. Join us while Sarah and Kyla bring the circus entertainment to you. 

10-11:30am: Come and join the circus. All kids welcome. They will learn the basics of aerial arts. Parents don’t forgot your cameras to capture this unforgettable moment. 

12-12:15pm: Aerial Silks Performance 

1-1:15pm: Aerial Hoop or Contortion Performance

2-2:15pm: Aerial Silks Performance 

3-3:15pm: Aerial Hoop or Contortion Performance

Guest artist Kyla Ranney is a professional dancer and aerialist based in NYC. She spent the last decade studying different styles of dance and took her skills to the air a few years ago. She now teaches and performs aerial arts at studios, events, and shows all over NYC.